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Welcome to the body of knowledge Nutrition blog!

Here you'll find recipes, thoughts on eating disorder recovery, Intuitive Eating and cooking tips, and more. 

Cantaloupe Quinoa Salad

I’ve been on a personal mission to find ways to enjoy quinoa. I never really liked it, which is such a shame because it’s a super versatile, super nutrient dense food. That being said, I’m happy to report that my feelings for quinoa changed when I made this super refreshing, super summery salad. It’s cold, […]

The Toll of Diet Culture: Understanding Its Impact on Our Mental, Physical, and Emotional Health

Diet culture is deeply ingrained in our society, influencing how we perceive food, health, and body image. While it promises happiness and success through weight loss and control, the reality is far more damaging. From media and advertising to social interactions, diet culture promotes restrictive eating habits and unrealistic beauty standards, often leading to disordered […]

Cooking: A Powerful Tool for Eating Disorder Recovery and Challenging Diet Culture

In a world where diet culture pervades our lives, cooking can serve as a powerful tool for recovery from eating disorders by challenging the confusing, conflicting, and harmful narratives around food. For those on the path to recovery, cooking offers more than just a means to prepare food – it can provide a way to […]

Shrimp Summer Rolls with Peanut Sauce

It’s officially summer in Texas and I’m a big ol’ grump about it. The 100+ degree heat just has a special way of scorching the fun out of many of my favorite activities. For example – A walk around the neighborhood? Sure, as long as it’s at the a$$ crack of dawn! Dining al fresco? […]

shrimp summer rolls with peanut sauce on white plate

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