Introducing Kitchen Intuition: A cooking course for finding food freedom

Nutrition therapy for a more enjoyable, life-enhancing relationship with food

Recovery for Real Life

Whether you're in eating disorder recovery, breaking up with diets, or just looking to enjoy food again - you're in the right place. Body of Knowledge Nutrition is here to help you feel sane around food, confident in the kitchen, and more in tune with your nutrition needs.

Recovery for Real Life

Kitchen Intuition

A self-paced course to learn cooking skills and intuitive eating practices for confidence in your kitchen and beyond.

Nutrition Counseling

Individualized nutrition support to equip clients with practical tools for lasting recovery and the development of sustainable, nourishing, life-enhancing eating habits.

fully you

- mental, emotional, and physical - so you can be                    

Whole person health

We approach recovery with a philosophy that extends beyond basic dietary needs and prioritizes

Body of Knowledge

Body of Knowledge

Body of Knowledge Nutrition Services was founded in 2013 with a goal of providing trusted and realistic nutrition guidance to people in eating disorder recovery. We believe that your body  deserves nourishment, food can be joyful, and recovery is possible. We are honored to support you in healing and rebuilding the innate knowledge your body holds as you recover and thrive.

Meet Meagan

Meet Meagan

Hey y'all! I'm Meagan, an eating disorder dietitian passionate about helping people ditch the disordered beliefs, being true to themselves through recovery, and feeling confident in the kitchen again.

Y'All Means All

We're proud to serve and celebrate humans of all identities, shapes, sizes, and backgrounds






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