A cooking course to nourish your relationship with food

Kitchen Intuition

So, you want to feel calm, cool, and collected around food

...but cooking feels scary, stressful, or overwhelming.

Kitchen Intuition is here to help with tools for intuitive cooking while exploring and learning intuitive eating.

Intuitive Cooking

Honoring your tastes, preferences, and experiences to prepare nourishing, enjoyable food, free from rules and restrictions.

Intuitive Eating

The mind-body practice of trusting your inner wisdom to make food choices that honor your unique nutritional needs.

What is kitchen intuition?

An on-demand course led by a registered dietitian and eating disorder specialist that combines essential cooking skills, intuitive eating practices, and sustainable nutrition foundations to teach you how to trust and honor your own intuition in the kitchen. 

What is kitchen intuition?

You're in the right place if you're ready to...

Trust your body and honor its needs in the kitchen and beyond

Develop an eating routine that is sustainable

Be efficient in your cooking and decision making about food

Stop overriding your body's cues with a diet or food rules 

Ditch the restrictions and embrace a more enjoyable approach to eating

Quit wasting time, energy, and money by following plans that don't meet your needs

“When you are freed from the tyranny of food and body anxiety, you have the space and renewed energy to pursue your dreams and discover your purpose in life.”

Intuitive eating

In Kitchen Intuition, You'll learn to:

  • Decrease anxiety and increase comfort in the kitchen
  • Practice flexibility with food
  • Challenge food rules & diet culture by embracing your preferences and honoring your body
  • Practice cooking and eating intuitively
  • Plan and prepare meals with less effort and energy

What's Inside

Kitchen Prep & Skills

Learn how to organize your cooking space, get familiar with kitchen tools, and build attunement to guide you as you learn. We'll review knife skills, basic cooking methods, and how to store and actually use and enjoy your food.

Meal & Grocery Planning

Trying to learn how to plan meals that are practical and enjoyable without the disruption of diet culture messaging is hard - but I've got your back. We'll talk about using food to meet your nutrition & satisfaction needs, planning in advance, and what to actually do with your groceries once you bring them home.

Life-Enhancing Nutrition

Everything you need to know about fueling your body without restriction - we'll cover how protein, fat, and carbs actually serve your body and enhance the eating experience. This unique combination of nutrition and culinary perspectives will leave you with confidence in how to nourish and trust your body.

Kitchen Intuition

We'll tie all of this knowledge together with a focus on intuitive eating & cooking. You'll learn how to use your physical senses like taste, touch, and smell to guide your newfound cooking skills. We'll also talk about building connection to foods that create memories, nourish your mind and body, foster  relationships, and more.

meet your kitchen guide

Hi! I'm Meagan, a registered dietitian and certified eating disorder specialist. I believe that far too often, recovery can feel abstract without hands-on exposures to real life situations like cooking. I created Kitchen Intuition to help you get more comfortable in the kitchen, so you can learn how to make and enjoy food at your own pace.


Getting Started

→ Meet Your Instructor: Meagan Rothschild, RD, CEDS
→ Introduction to the Kitchen Intuition Workbook and Recipes

Course Overview

Kitchen Intuition is designed to meet you where you are, and guide you along the path to food freedom and cooking with confidence. In this course, we'll cover...


Kitchen Preparation

→ Kitchen Attunement
→ Kitchen Tools & Kitchen Organization
→ Common Cooking Terms
→Knife Skills 


Intuitive Eating

→ Intuitive Eating Principles + Practices
→ Interactive worksheets & activities to apply in your own kitchen


Cooking Skills

→ Cooking skills and tips for each food group, including: carbohydrates, protein, fruits & vegetables, and fat
→ Recipes to practice cooking skills


Kitchen Intuition

→ Use flavor + preferences to make nourishing meals
→ Grocery + meal planning strategies to reduce your mental load

When you join kitchen intuition, you'll get:

Step-by-step video demonstrations of essential cooking methods

A set of practical tools to make cooking and planning meals easier and faster

On-demand, downloadable resources including the Kitchen Intuition workbook

No more overthinking

Tired of doubting or questioning your food choices?
Exhausted by the inner healthy v. unhealthy battle over food?
Quit second guessing your choices and learn to honor your intuition with essential cooking skills and intuitive eating practices.


Are you ready to embrace your kitchen intuition?

Get instant access to the tools and tutorials that are going to change the way you feel in the kitchen (cute dog not included).

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